Tips to be fashionable as a millennial

Fashion is a concept that changes very frequently and rapidly. The implication is that what was considered trendy and great fashion-wise just yesterday might no longer have that title today. Hence, it is important to be able to know how to look like a millennial so that you are not left in the past. This is especially when you don’t have to as there are people who prefer old school wear. It is often encouraged that when it comes to fashion, you put on what you love and be confident in it. However, it should be of your own will, that way, you will be able to defend your look anywhere. This article will discuss the tips you could follow to be as fashionable as a millennial.

Comfortable clothing and clothing accessories

One of the first rules of dressing in this millennial is that you should wear what is comfortable for you. You should not be forced to wear what you don’t want to or what you won’t be comfortable in just because you are going to work. Employers now place more emphasis on productivity than looks. As long you are did not come to work naked, in underwear, or other very ridiculous wear, you are likely not to be summoned or queried. All you just need to do is put on something decent enough and comfortable for you.

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Drive the trends

The people in this millennial have more voice than any other millennial. Apart from our huge population, there is also a mobile phone and the Internet. The implication is that there are many ways we could reach out to any individual or organization we want to reach out to include manufacturers. Hence, you could take advantage of social media platforms or contact us page on the website of your favorite brands to suggest what you would want to see in your next wear. Some of the manufacturers will gladly oblige you as the competition makes the companies desperate about retaining their customers and getting new ones. They know that listening to their customers will easily endear them to the customers and aid their goals of having the loyalty of the customer.

Don’t shop with brand names

Growing up, you would have heard of several brand names that were very popular. If you have done further observation, you will notice that such brand names are no longer as popular today. Because your dad had a favorite brand and because you love your dad, you also love the designer does not mean that you must continue to patronize the brand. Chances are that the brand could have been left in the past and even the brand might not notice since your dad and people his age mate who are loyal to the brand are still alive. They will continue to make sales and suddenly changing their style to something for this millennial could contribute to making them lose their current loyal customers who are not compliant with this millennial.

Read online reviews

Reading online reviews is another way to be fashionable as a millennial. You would be able to read about other people who are sticking to the millennial principles to know what they wear, how they wear it and where they get it from. Hence, you should read reviews about any fashion store you want to patronize on CollectedReviews to know if they have products for people in the current millennial. For example, if you want to buy shoes, you could read Footshop reviews and you will know if their products are great for people of your age and generation or if they still concentrate on providing the needs of the former generations.

Suits are no longer the only type of formal dressing

In the past, our parents and grandparents must wear a suit when they work in a formal and corporate environment. Jeans were considered an item of casual clothing that has no place near a corporate office, especially for an employee. Today, many formal wears feature putting on a jean and a t-shirt. As recent as the 1990s, you could be sacked for putting on such type of cloth to work as a Director or manager. While it is not a bad idea to put on a suit today, you should wear one because you want to, not because you feel compelled to by the nature of your work. Except expressly communicated (most likely by a non-millennial that suit must be worn to the office daily or on specific days, feel free to opt for other types of formal clothing that are now allowed today when you want to.

Personalize your wears

Another way to dress as a millennial is to personalize your clothes. In line with this, many manufacturers allow their customers to order customized products. Hence, there is the option of getting customized products directly from the manufacturer. On the other hand, there is also the option of getting the products and then giving them to a reliable artist or other companies to help you carry out the exact customization that you need.


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